“I didn’t get a medical test.” Barsa, it’s harder to release.

It is disappointing for FC Barcelona. There are numerous enrollments, however delivering them is difficult 먹튀검증.

Barsa, drove by lead trainer Xavi Hernandez, has started revamping. They prevailed with regards to supporting their power with Frank Kesier, Andreas Christensen, and Rafinha. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) is likewise in the commencement.

They are additionally attempting to effectively coordinate the group. He has moved Clement Langlet, who was ordered out of force, to Tottenham Hotspur. Another middle back, Samuel Umtiti, will likewise be conveyed. Be that as it may, it’s anything but a simple circumstance.

Umtiti got the consideration of Stade Len in the French League 1. Len’s transition to build up the back was very dynamic. I was very nearly an exchange.

Notwithstanding, as per nearby reports, Umtiti was told of dismissal in the clinical trial, and Ren pulled out. The personality of the glass body that has shown so far has likewise impacted the exchange.

Obviously, this was false. As per Spain’s “Diario As” on the sixteenth, chief Bruno Genesio Ren confirmed, “I’m heartbroken that bogus data has been unveiled. Umtiti didn’t come to step through a clinical exam.”

Mentor Genesio’s notice of Umtiti is to address tales and explain the club’s situation. It likewise points not to influence Umtiti’s quest for another club from now on.

He has washed away the shame of “clinical end,” yet it is disappointing for Barsa. Barsa restored his four-year contract with Umtiti in January. It was to get a suitable exchange expense while selling while at the same time lessening his week by week pay and expanding the agreement time frame.

However, it isn’t not difficult to send it out. There are infrequent love calls for Umtiti, however they are drawing consideration without fail. Football Espana anticipated, “Ren will currently go to somewhere else, and Umtiti will remain in Barsa until another deal comes in.”

Barsa is enrolling the best FA players, however it appears to be hard to deliver existing assets. Notwithstanding Umtiti, Barsa is intending to sell Martin Braistein and Ricky Putz.

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